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It's a sick world...

...and I'm a happy girl.

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*In demonology Amy is a Great Ruler of Hell, who has thirty-six legions of demons under her command. She teaches Astrology and all Liberal Sciences, gives good familiars, and can find treasures that are kept by spirits. According to Pseudomonarchia Daemonum she hopes to be an angel again after one thousand and two hundred years.
She is depicted as a flaming fire, but after a while changing shape into a woman.*


80's new wave, abandoned buildings, absinthe, action figures, activism, alien sex fiend, anarchafeminism, androids, animal rights, anticapitalism, anticorporate, art, artificial intelligence, assemblage 23, astronomy, baby dolls, bauhaus, beborn beton, big cities, biotronic energy, blutengel, body modification, boots, brandings, brute! art, cartoons, cevin key, chaos, chemlab, chris connelly, christian death, chuck palahniuk, coil, comic books, cult movies, current 93, cyberculture, das ich, david bowie, de/vision, dead kennedys, dead people, death in june, debauchery, depeche mode, documentaries, douglas p., drag queens, drinking, echo and the bunnymen, edward gorey, edward scissorhands, einstürzende neubauten, en esch, existentialism, fake hair, fallout shelters, foreign films, free food, front 242, frontline assembly, funker vogt, gary numan, gas masks, goggles, graphic novels, h.p. lovecraft, halloween, holographic theory, horror movies, in strict confidence, industrial music, joy division, kitties, kmfdm, laibach, leaetherstrip, legendary pink dots, leæther strip, machinery, martin atkins, massiv in mensch, melotron, metropolis records, mike patton, ministry, mr bungle, mr. bungle, neuroticfish, new york dolls, nick cave, nitzer ebb, noise, peter murphy, photography, piercings, pig, pigface, pirates, plastic, political theory, power noise, pro choice, project pitchfork, psychic tv, revolting cocks, rivet heads, robots, roman dirge, siouxsie and the banshees, sister machine gun, sisters of mercy, skinny puppy, snog, software piracy, suicide commando, surrealism, suspension, tattoos, terrorfakt, the cure, the pixies, the revolting cocks, the smiths, the virus, theater, thrill kill kult, throbbing gristle, tim burton, tom waits, total war, transhumanism, tubing, unter null, vegetarianism, velvet acid christ, velvet goldmine, vinyl, voodou, wolfsheim, writing, wumpscut, zombies